Integrating Technology
in your Classroom


Ten Steps to Create a Newsletter in Word

  1. Open a blank Word document and save as newsletter_first initial last name.doc [ex. newsletter_crattray.doc] on your disk.

  2. Go to File menu,  Page Setup and set all margins to .5 inches.

  3. Go to View menu, select Header and Footer, hit Enter key or Return key a few times to make space for your WordArt newsletter title. Click at the top of the box to place your cursor.

  4. Go to Insert menu, Picture, WordArt. Select style, click Ok, enter your Newsletter Title and click OK again. You can resize your WordArt and you can use the WordArt toolbar to change the colors of both the fill and the outline (WordArt image must be selected). Drag your WordArt creation into the header box. Hit the Enter or Return key and then type in date, your name and volume number.

  5. Click Close on the Header/Footer toolbar. Go to Format menu, select Columns and choose two columns.

  6. To justify your text, click on the Justify button on your toolbar (see the selected button below). If you cannot see this toolbar, go to View, Toolbars, and select Formatting Toolbar.


  7. To insert Drop Cap, write your first paragraph.  Place your cursor where you want to insert the Drop Cap. Go to Format menu and select Drop Cap. Click on Dropped and O.K.

  8. Insert graphics from Insert menu and select Clip Art. You may also use the Microsoft Online Design .  Go to the Insert menu, select clip art and then go to Clips Online.

  9. Write your three articles and then use both spelling and grammar check from the tools menu.

  10. Make any necessary revisions before printing your newsletter or emailing it to Mrs. Williams.