Integrating Technology
in your Classroom


Participants can earn up to a certain number of points on each assignment based on the quality of their work and the criteria established in the assessment rubric and as discussed in the sessions. It is imperative that all assignments are completed.

1. Research/Plans for Assistive Technology 100 pts
2. Slide Show Presentation 200 pts
3. Newsletter 200 pts
4. Spreadsheet 200 pts
5. Project Integrating Technology 100 pts
6. Web Page 200 pts

Project #1: Weekly Journal of Technology use

Keep a journal of your plans and eventual implementation of an aspect of Assistive Technology. Email to Mrs. Rattray Samuel once a week.

Scoring Rubric for Weekly Journal
10 points for each weekly email

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Project  #2: Slide Show Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation for a parent meeting or for a classroom topic. The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: (1) to increase one's knowledge base in the use of technology, and (2) to apply the use of technology to practical real-life situations. To complete this assignment it will be necessary to :

Scoring Rubric for Slide Show Presentation

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Project #3: Newsletter

Create an appealing, newsworthy and interesting newsletter for your class or department using common desktop publishing authoring software such as Publisher or Microsoft Word.  Be sure to include the following:

Scoring Rubric for Newsletter

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Project #4: Spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet  during workshop session for an appropriate identifiable educational purpose (i.e. Grade sheet) using Microsoft Excel.

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Project #5: Class Project

Develop a Project for a specific subject using a template and examples provided during workshop

Components of Project:

  1. A clear concise introduction that provides necessary information and sets up the activity.

  2. An interesting and concrete central task.  (The task is the end result of student efforts .  . . not the steps involved in getting there.)

  3. A collection of information resources needed, listed for students (You should evaluate all resources linked to the project.  Note that books, video and other off-line resources can and should be used where appropriate).

  4. A step-by-step description of the process students will use to accomplish the task.

  5. Guidelines on how to organize the information acquired (questions that should be answered etc.).

  6. Criteria for evaluating project is clearly stated.

  7. A visually appealing and flowing page.

Scoring rubric for Project

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Project  #6: Web Page

Set up a web page for your students so that they may locate resources in the subjects that you teach. You must have listings of URLs that are linked as Web locators.

Your page should include:

Scoring Rubric for Webpage

  1. Layout/Design (30 pts) - Very pleasing to look at.  Clever ideas that encourage reader to investigate further.  Page(s) are well organized and text spacing and alignment make reading easy.  The backgrounds enhance the page.

  2. Graphics (50 pts) - Photos, icons ad clip art are used creatively and may follow  theme

  3. Navigation (40 pts) - Easy to navigate.  Links are consistent and easy to find so that the used can easily navigate back and forth through page(s).

  4. Content (60 pts) - Information is creatively written and cleverly presented.  The purpose of the pages is clear.  The text is clear and to the point.  The links (at least 6) are logical and purposeful. All links connect. Project is included in content.

  5. Writing Mechanics (20 pts) - The text has no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

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