Integrating Technology
in your Classroom

Welcome to Integration Workshop. This workshop will explore how to begin integrating technology into your Classroom.

Topics that we'll be working with include:

Participants will be asked to attend sessions every other week as well as open lab times. Assignment will involve keeping a weekly journal of technology use, reading articles posted on the web, designing a classroom project that incorporates the use of technology and posting on a website, as well as creating and publishing a newsletter.


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Send and receive email
  2. Use the internet for communications, materials and resources
  3. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint Lesson presentation demonstrating a working knowledge of the Power Point Software.
  4. Create a simple data collection spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel demonstrating a working knowledge on introductory spreadsheet formatting, printing commands and use of formulas
  5. Create a web page
  6. Use common desktop publishing authoring software, Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word, to create an example newsletter that can be used by teachers.
  7. Create lessons that integrate school's curriculum objectives with Technology