Integrating Technology
in your Classroom


1.    Open a new Word document and type a note to parents about a field trip which your class will be taking (you may copy and paste text in red)


2.    Start by addressing the letter: Dear Parents

3.    Put the subject of the letter in bold and underlined: Re: Bob Marley Museum & Devon House Great House Tour

4.    Copy and paste the following into body of letter.  Change font colour and size to match rest of letter.

Joshua Class will be taking a field trip to the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House Great House on Tuesday, August 10.  The cost of the trip is $700.  Attached is a permission slip for your child.  Please fill out the field trip permission slip and return it along with $700 cash for the trip.  The permission slip and money are due on or before August 3.

5.    Put the information on the tour in a bulleted list:

What to bring: Camera and comfortable footwear
Origin of tour: Genesis Academy
Bus Leaves at: 9:30 a.m.
Tour Length: 4 hours

6.    Include a permission section at the bottom of the page. This should include name of child, name of parent, parent contact information signature and date and be separated from the rest of the document with a dashed line. 

7.    Put the title "Field Trip Permission Form" at the top of this permission section. 

8.    Highlight the title, use the Formatting toolbar and put a highlight color behind the title. 

9.    Use the Insert menu to place the date at the top of your note to the parents. 

10.  Save the document.


ASSIGNMENT 2 - Create an IEP Summary Report

1.      Open a new Word document and insert header putting  name of class and IEP Summaries as title in capital letters and bold.  You may choose a header with a line. Close Header.

2.      Insert a table with 3 columns and 3 rows

3.      Set the column widths to: 1.50; 1.85; 3.30

4.      Give the following titles to the columns: Name, Skills/Date, Summary.  Make them bold and center them in the columns.

5.      Add two more rows at the bottom.

6.      Save the document.


ASSIGNMENT 3 � Fill out form

1.      Download the IEP Tracking Form and fill out then save document

2.      Email all three documents to Mrs. Rattray Samuel at