Integrating Technology
in your Classroom

PowerPoint in the Classroom

This session we will focus on PowerPoint as a presentation tool in the classroom.  This will also include hands-on practice using the PowerPoint software.  PowerPoint is easy to get started using and as you become more familiar with it, you will begin asking all kinds of questions about what more can be done. The URL listed below is a site that has a tutorial for using PowerPoint. Another good source of PowerPoint help is from the help menu that is built into the program. It will walk you step by step through creating a PowerPoint presentation and will show you things that you never even thought of doing.

PowerPoint Tutorials: PowerPoint Tutorial by Matt Herbert or Creating Slide Shows and Related Teacher Material
Sample Slide Show: Addition PowerPoint
Teacher Created PowerPoint Presentations: Seaford School District  or Jefferson County Math Presentations
Creating Effective Presentations (download zipped folder)