Integrating Technology
in your Classroom


Internet Scavenger Hunt 1
Internet Scavenger Hunt 2
Integrating Technology - PowerPoint Presentation by C. Rattray Samuel

Project-Based Learning
Edutopia - An explanation of the significance of project-based learning
PBL - Design principles for effective project-based learning
Learning - Project-Based Learning Lessons, PBL Websites
The Research Cycle - A model for developing research projects
WebQuest - Explanation of inquiry-oriented online tool for learning
Building Blocks of a WebQuest - Explanation of each section of a WebQuest with examples
Project-Based Learning using a WebQuest - PowerPoint Presentation by C.
Rattray Samuel
WebQuest Template - Template to create a WebQuest in PowerPoint
WebQuest on Integrating Technology
WebQuest about WebQuests

PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint Tutorial
Creating Slide Shows and Related Teacher Material
Teacher Created PowerPoint Presentations: Lexington County or Jefferson County Schools Presentations

Sample Presentation for you to create
Creating Effective Presentations (download zipped folder)

Creating Web Pages
Camtasia Studio
- step by step instructions on how to create a class Webpage using FrontPage
CBV Regional School Board - Class Web Page templates
Mrs. Williams' Page - Sample Web Page that you can create
Pastel Graphics by Yumeiroyakata - Lovely backgrounds for your page
Button - You can create buttons for your webpage on this site

Excel On-line Practice Modules
Excel Basics
Tracking Attendance with Excel & Customized Math Exercise Sheets
Creating a Grade Book
Excel Activities Across the Curriculum

Microsoft Word
Ten Steps to Create a Newsletter in Word
Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tutorial
How-To Articles for Teachers

Practice Excercises