Homework Help!

Here are some links to pages where you can look up vocabulary words, translate phrases, practice pronunciation and conjugate verbs.


Spanish-English Online Translator
Translate phrases or text from English to many languages with the help of the online translator


Spanish/English Christmas Vocabulary
Find out how to say words relating to Christmas in Spanish

Physical Appearance Vocabulary
List of words to describe physical appearance in Spanish and English

Human Body Vocabulary
List of words to describe Body Parts in Spanish and English

List of prepositions of place in Spanish and English

The Weather
Vocabulary terms in Spanish and English dealing with the weather

Food Glossary
English-Spanish vocabulary of food

Food Vocabulary1, Food Vocabulary 2 & Food Vocabulary 3
Vocabulary Lists with pictures of 18 different foods

English-Spanish vocabulary relating to clothes


Spanish Verb Conjugator
Automatically conjugates Spanish verbs when you type them in


Spanish Pronunciation Guide

This pronunciation guide actually lets you hear all the sounds!